UV absorbers are used to solve the problem of yellowing of PU (Polyurethane). Nowadays, the requirements for the durability and weather resistance of polymer materials are becoming more and more stringent. Adding UV absorbers can improve product cracking, powdering, yellowing, and decrease in tensile strength, problems such as changes in elongation. Choosing the appropriate UV absorber can make the product achieve better light and weather resistance.

product Exterior illustrate Recommended dosage
UV-2 Light yellow liquid Compound UV absorber: UV-1+HALS, suitable for PU, TPR, PVC, EPOX…etc. 0.4~1%
UV-960 Light yellow liquid Compound UV absorber: UV-1+HALS+antioxidants suitable for TPU and foamed PU. 0.3~1%
UV-414 Light yellow liquid Compound UV absorber: UV-1+ antioxidant suitable for foaming PU. 0.3~1%
UV-1130 Light yellow liquid CAS. No. 104810-48-2 & 104810-47-1 & 25322-68-3 are hydroxyphenyl Benzotriazole UV absorbers. They have excellent protection against UV-A and UV-B and are suitable for oleoresins and waterborne resins. With wood paint and other coatings. 0.2~1%
UV-1291W Light yellow liquid Compound UV absorber: UV-1130+HALS+antioxidants suitable for waterborne resins. 0.5~1%
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※ 〇= Applicable, ◎= Recommended