The raw materials of organic bentonite are mainly montmorillonite and natural ores through organic modification. After full activation and dispersion, it can be used to increase the low-shear viscosity of coatings and inks and improve sag resistance.


Function Characteristic
Inorganic thickener It can attract polar groups in the paint, and the organic molecules will enter the bentonite layer structure and expand to increase the viscosity.
Assist adhesive It has adhesion and hiding power and can replace some base materials to reduce costs.
Suspension anti-settling agent It has good suspension and dispersion, the coating is not easy to settle and stratify, and has good stability.
Waterproof performance It is hydrophilic and dispersible, and becomes hydrophobic after dehydration to improve the waterproofness of the paint.

Applicable feature selection

  1. Solvent-based paint

2. Water-based paint