• RM – 605 Designed for rough matting surface.
  • FM – 729 Designed for fine matting surface with fine touching.

〡All comply with Reach, RoHs , mildew test and other specifications〡

Foaming plastisol for bottle caps and claw caps
Halogen-free plastisol

The main composition is acrylic resin, which has excellent UV resistance, high and low temperature resistance. Do not add UV absorber and heavy metal salt stabilizers during production, and there are no environmentally harmful substances. It is the best replacement of PVC. Green and environmentally friendly materials.

  • AP103: Environmentally friendly plastisol, easy to coat, does not block the screen, has the characteristics of dry, non-sticky surface after molding, flexibility, etc. It is suitable for thermosetting ink, printing, and screen printing.
  • AP303: Environmentally friendly plastisol has excellent fluidity, smooth and particle-free after molding, it is flexible. Suitable for food bottle caps and coating industries.


  • Free of PVC and phthalates.
  • Good liquidity, leveling, no clogging.