General PVC Paste Resin
GradeK value*Brookfield viscosityApplication
PF621633200Special PVC Paste Resin for foaming.
PG680(68GP)683400Foam layer of synthetic leather, wallpaper, canvas, adhesive.
PG740(74GP)742900Synthetic leather surfaces, canvas, adhesives, screen coatings, trademarks, toys, metal dipping, floor coverings, electronic terminal kits.
PC750(75HC)753200Coating, dipping and other products with high transparency requirements.


*註:25 ℃±0.5 ℃,DOP 60phr

Functional PVC Paste Resin

KR-51: Fine matting special grade PVC Paste Resin

Special grade PVC copolymer resin with excellent matting effect.
  • Added to the formula, it has a fine matting effect, mat surface, good touching feeling, reduce viscosity
  • Complies with environmental regulations REACH and RoHS.
  • It can be used together with emulsion resin, suspension resin, formulation blending ratio is 10~40%.
  • If used in extruded products with barium zinc powder stabilizer BN612, there will be a multiplier effect.
  • Mixing: Wires & cables, soft and rigid strips, use a high-speed PVC mixer.
  • It can also be used for synthetic leather, dipping, wallpaper, canvas, toys… etc.
  • Physical properties properties

    • Composition: VC/ VAcCopolymer
    • VAc content: 3%
    • K value: about 70

    KR-16: Viscosity reducing PVC resin

    KR-16 is a viscosity reducing PVC resin used to reduce the viscosity of PVC plastisol. Due to its excellent viscosity reducing effect, it enhances flowability in formulations with fewer plasticizers.

    Physical properties properties

    • Composition: PVC 100%
    • K value: 66
    • Density (g/cm 3 ): 0.59±0.05
    • Degree of polymerization (30℃): 1000±50


    Viscosity cps (3# 20℃)215518951665

    K13S: Rough matting special grade PVC powder

     CharacteristicTest Methods 
    K value69.8~72.8ISO 1628-2
    Bulk density (g/ml)0.31~0.51ISO 60


    PVC dipping or PVC soft and rigid extrusion, when you need the matting touching feeling.

    KCM-12: PVC paste resin (copolymer)

    Copolymer emulsion PVC resin with 5% VAc


    • Low-temperature gelation
    • Good adhesion


    • Fabrics, carpets, synthetic leather
    • Metal or automotive undercoat
    • Sealant