• PNBR 35-2 is a slightly cross-linked powdered nitrile rubber. It has excellent compatibility with PVC and has become the main elastic modifier of PVC .
  • Improve the oil resistance, heat resistance and cold resistance of products.
  • When used on wires, the internal plasticization makes the product soft and elastic, thereby enhancing aging and fatigue resistance.
  • The finished product will have a distinct rubber odor.
  • Origin: China

Physical properties

  • Appearance White or yellowish powder
  • Mani viscosity, ML100℃ 1+4 40-60
  • Acrylonitrile content, % 30-33
  • Screening rate (0.90mm), % ≧ 98


  • PNBR 35-2 is mainly used in shoe materials, oil-resistant pipes, wires and cables, sealing strips, pipes, foam materials, etc.
  • General dosage: 5-30 phr .
  • Add as much as possible when cooling to avoid powder agglomeration.
  • Anti-slip requirement.


20 KG/box