Eco-friendly Plasticizer

Fast gelation at low temperature. It is an Eco-friendly plasticizer, no separate out at high dosage. Excellent softness and flexibility of the finished product.

Flame-resistant plasticizer
Phosphate ester IPPP Compliant with REACH and ROHS, suitable for applications that require transparency and fire protection.
Phosphate CDP It is recommended to use CDP as a flame-resistant plasticizer, which compliance with REACH, ROHS, California 65 (infant and young child contact products including 3C, textiles), and the US Environmental Protection Agency’s environmental regulations. It is a replacement of R-65.
Viscosity reducing plasticizer

Ester viscosity reducer, it has good viscosity reduction efficiency, it can meet production processing requirement with high solid content and low viscosity.

High and low temperature plasticizer

TM-810 Characteristic:

  • Due to the structure of phenylene, it has excellent high/low temperature resistance.
  • Suitable for aging over 105°C.
  • For outdoor wiring/oil resistant/ABS resistant.